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Spanish and French into English

Why is choosing the right translator so important?

Choosing the right translator makes the difference between getting your message across and going unheard. It determines whether people take you seriously. It can make you stand out from the crowd.

For over ten years, I’ve been working with many different types of clients concentrated in the areas below, from individual authors and researchers through to companies, universities and international organisations, helping them fine-tune their texts to get their message just right.

Academic translations

Specialising in the humanities and social sciences. Translation and editing of articles, conference papers and books from Spanish and French.

Environment and ecology

Including technical documents, public outreach, internal reports and copy for websites in a wide range of fields related to the environment and ecology.

International development

Specialising in Latin America. Translation and editing of internal and public documents and reports for NGOs and international agencies.

My background

What I bring to your project

A passion for the craftsmanship of quality writing

Are you looking for someone who is passionate about quality writing? Someone who will treat your text with the same care and attention as they would their own?

With a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Edinburgh, I’ve been providing professional translations for around ten years, and I’ve been writing and creating content for fifteen.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that I’ll take the time needed to get things just right, from style, tone and register, all the way down to the finer details like consistent and accurate terminology, applying style guides and the correct use of referencing and quotations.

Professional qualifications

Doctoral-level education

PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Edinburgh

ITI qualified member

Qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the United Kingdom (Spanish into English)

Continuing professional development

Regular participation in courses, workshops and conferences to keep up with new developments and sharpen my skills

Expertise and experience

Over a decade of experience

Full-time as a freelance translator for ten years, writing and producing content for fifteen, during which time I’ve built up a wealth of specialist knowledge

Deep cultural knowledge

Five years spent living and working in Latin America, two and a half in the French Pyrenees on the border with Spain

Understanding of the publishing process

In addition to working with authors as a translator and editor, I have first-hand experience of publishing my own writing

Bibliographic skills

Someone who understands the importance of consistent referencing and the accurate use of quotations and citations


What some of my clients say

I’m really pleased with the way the text turned out. Everything seems clearer and better expressed after your translation. Many thanks.

Academic client Sociology and sustainability

James is a top-notch translator. I have worked with James for several years and I have always been very pleased with the quality of his translations. He is very professional, thorough, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Language services provider International development

James is a great translator! He helped us with a very difficult project on Mathematics (a series of popular books), translated hundreds of thousands of words and has done a great job! Warmly recommended!

Language service provider Publishing, popular science

Thank you so much!! Our client often congratulates us for the English version of the texts (in fact, the editor hardly makes any corrections), so congratulations to you too for all your hard work!!

Creative agency Hospitality and tourism

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